Megaman 9 Press Kit

The Megaman 9 Press Kit is one of the most sought after collector pieces amongst Megaman fans, and with good reason. The creativeness, uniqueness  and attention to detail that went into producing this promotional item has become a thing of legend in the video game industry.

Here’s a history lesson on how it all went down:

Capcom Entertainment
commissioned production company iam8bit to design the cover art for Megaman 9, the first Megaman game to be exclusively released as a downloadable only title.

Illustrated by Gerald de Jesus of the iam8bit team, the artwork faithfully reproduces the retro design of the earlier European Megaman boxart from the original NES games.

The cover art was later used to create the Megaman 9 Press Kit for media and promotional purposes. Keeping with the retro theme, the iam8bit group disassembled hundreds of old NES carts, magnetised the centre and placed a Megaman 9 Press Asset mini CD inside.

The whole package was packed in a custom made classic Megaman 9 NES box, shrink wrapped with sale price  tags as if it came straight out of a clearance bin.

Initially released to the press and media only, the Press Kit was met with overwhelming positive response from fans and media groups. Capcom Entertainment later sold the Megaman 9 Press Kit exclusively through its Capcom Store on October 9th, 2008 at 3PM PST. The Press Kits were sold out in under 7 minutes.

Contrary to popular belief, Capcom Entertainment never disclosed how many Megaman 9 Press Kits were made, only ever stating that the production number is fewer than 1,000 pieces.

So now that you know the folklore behind the Megaman 9 Press Kit, how does it compare in real life?

The first thing you’ll notice is the worn appearance of the NES cart which is part of its charm. The mini CD Press Asset disc contains fact sheets and press material, artwork, screenshots, wallpaper, a video trailer and more.

Check out the Megaman 9 Trailer included on the Megaman 9 Press Kit:

The NES cartridge comes apart into two pieces. One of the most difficult decisions is whether to open the Megaman 9 Press Kit as a part of its appeal is the sale price tags on the outer shrink wrap.

Initial sales of the Press Kit (prior to being sold on the Capcom Store) soared upwards of $1,200 USD on eBay. The price has fallen dramatically since then but still fetches a fairly solid price on the open market. A must-have collector’s item for any hard-core Megaman fan.

Contents: Press Asset Disc (with plastic sleeve), Magnetised NES Cartridge, NES Cartridge Sleeve, Cardboard Outer Box, Plastic Shrink-Wrap

  • Developer: Capcom, Inti Creates
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Platform: WiiWare, PlayStation Network, XBOX Live Arcade, Mobile Platform
  • Genre(s): Action Platformer
  • Release Date(s): (Global) October 9 2008
  • Release Price: (US) $49.95 USD