Limbo Developer Purchases Ownership Back; Indie Once More

Playdead, the developer behind the artistically stylish indie title Limbo has purchased itself back.

The developer received funding from banking consultant GP Bullhound in order to completely pay off its investors and restore complete ownership to itself.

Although Playdead were self-funded and received grants from the Danish government, the developer also sought the help of investors to bring Limbo from a dream to a digital download release.

“We’re aiming to be even more independent than we were before, and that’s expensive. What I’m hinting at, really, is that we’re investor-backed. So in that sense we’re trying to become more independent,” said CEO Dino Patti in an interview with

“In that sense…people who pay for the projects are the ones controlling it. We’re really aiming to use our own money, we’re our best investors. We’re the ones who know what we want. We want to control micro-decisions. We’ll probably want to sanity check them with people but we want to have control.”

With the success of their first title Limbo; the hauntingly captivating puzzle-platformer indie game, all eyes are on Playdead to see what new fresh ideas they can inject into their next title.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see the indie game developer independently run and owned, with the freedom to produce games that push the envelope of originality. I wish Playdead all the best.

[SOURCE]: Limbo Developer Buys Itself Back