Kid Icarus Uprising Preorder Bonus AR Cards; Gotta Catch ‘Em All?

Nintendo’s Kid Icarus Uprising is due out end of this month. Preorder before Pitt takes flight to secure yourself an additional pack of Kid Icarus AR cards.

Kid Icarus Uprising Preorder Bonus AR Cards

EB Games Australia are giving out an exclusive pack of five AR cards for those that pre-order before launch.

The additional pack of five cards are on top of the six card pack that are enclosed with the game and 3DS stand. The six card ‘starter’ pack are from a random assortment of 20 cards whereas the pre-order pack could be from a different selection.

Kid Icarus Uprising Preorder Bonus AR Cards
EB Games does note that the cards may be released at a later date however no details on how to obtain further AR cards in Australia have been made available as yet. Nintendo have commented that there will be hundreds of AR cards to collect for Kid Icarus Uprising further down the track.

North American and Canadian residence can get a leg up on the rest of the world with Club Nintendo America giving away three limited cards (Great Reaper, Drill Arm, Palutena (Rare)) away absolutely free.

Kid Icarus Uprising Bonus AR Cards
A list of other available AR cards is also provided via Nintendo America here.

For Australians, the EB Games Australia bonus cards are the only way to get more AR cards right now and they are also the only retailer in Australia offering any pre-order incentive.

Check the list below for more Aussie retailers and pricing if you are willing to forgo the bonus. Kid Icarus Uprising will be available in-stores from March 29th 2012, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

EB Games Australia – Kid Icarus Uprising with BONUS 5-Pack AR Cards (3DS – $68 AUD)

GAME Australia – Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS – $58 AUD)

JB Hi-Fi – Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS – $59 AUD)

Mighty Ape – Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS – $59.99 AUD)

Dungeon Crawl – Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS – $59.90 AUD)