Kickstarter for Realistic Sword-Combat Game CLANG Reaches its Goal

In its early days, motion-control gaming promised to bridge the gap between games and reality; you would brandishing a controller just as you would a sword to fell a sea of enemies. Unfortunately, while still while motion controls have been an enjoyable experience, there has yet to be a game to recreate the true feeling of swordplay.

Enter CLANG, a kickstarter project that seeks to develop the first accurate sword combat game; where motion controls are essential in creating accurate experience of sword combat. Well, minus the life-threatening injuries.

The CLANG kickstarter has reached its $500k goal, which means that at last we may have the true sword-fighting game we have always dreamed about. The game is to be developed by Subatai Corp, owned by author Neal Stepheson, and will begin with arena-style Broadsword fighting on the PC.

The unique aspects to feature in the game include:

Low-latency, high-precision motion controller: Critical to a satisfying sword fight is fast, accurate response. This is especially important for CLANG given the depth and complexity of moves that are used in real sword arts. Initially, CLANG will make use of a commercial, third-party, off-the-shelf controller that anyone can buy today

Depth: Roundhouse swings and crude blocks just aren’t enough. Real sword fighting involves multiple attacks delivered from different stances, pommel strikes, grappling, feints, and parries.

Expandability: Implementing the longsword style will oblige us to construct a toolkit that can then be used–by us, or by others–to create other examples of what we’re calling MASEs (Martial Arts System Embodiments). If your thing is Japanese kenjutsu or Viking sword-and-board, then in principle CLANG should support it.

So sword-fighting fans keep an eye out for CLANG in the future, in the hopes that your dreams of a realistic combat game comes true. For more information, check out the Kickstarter campaign.