Journey Collector’s Edition Officially Confirmed

Thatgamecompany have confirmed a Journey Collector’s Edition will be coming to the PlayStation 3.

More of a compilation collection, the Journey bundle will come as a disc collection of all three titles from Thatgamecompany including flOw, flower and their latest work Journey.

Journey Collector's Edition Officially Confirmed

“Yes, the Journey Collector’s Edition is a thing, and it includes flOw and Flower, but we can’t say anything more,” the developer said via Twitter.

Renown for producing titles that buck the convention of video game design, Thatgamecompany have fulfilled their three title exclusive deal with Sony Computer Entertainment to much success. If you have yet to experience any of their titles to date, the Journey Collector’s Edition bundle could be the perfect introduction to the indie label.

Release date is still unconfirmed at this time. Read what we thought via our Journey review, or alternatively you can also find out more about the title in our exclusive interview with Kellee Santiago, Co-Founder of Thatgamecompany here.

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