Japan gets Kingdom Hearts 3DS Bundle

The new Kingdom Hearts 3D game Dream Drop Distance may still be far off for Western gamers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ogle at the newly announced special edition Nintendo 3DS. This stylish black 3DS is being released to celebrate Kingdom Hearts series 10th birthday; sporting themed monogram and bundled with the new game and exclusive AR cards for the Japanese release.

This latest installment by Square Enix is the seventh in the Kingdom Hearts series and is said to be a completely new chapter. Featuring both Sora and Riku as playable characters, it is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts: Coded and follows the themes of friendship and trust (wooo). The game will also be quite similar to Final Fantasy XIII, with Square Enix stating that gameplay elements that could not be included in Versus XIII were instead added to Dream Drop Distance.


While we always love special edition consoles, it is unlikely this special edition 3DS bundle will be released outside of Japan, but here’s hoping.
Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance will be released in March 29 in Japan. At this stage there is no confirmed date for game’s overseas release, nor the 10th Anniversary Kingdom hearts 3DS.

Source: 4Gamer