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Injustice Battle Arena Round 3 Begins Today

The 3rd round of Injustice Battle Arena is underway. This week, fans will be able choose their favourites as the cunning Aquaman summons the powers of the deep to take on tech-heavy Cyborg, while intergalactic-traveling Green Lantern faces off against the brutish undead strength of Solomon Grundy.

Injustice Battle Arena Round 3 Begins Today

Who has what it takes to overcome the might of DC finest super-heroes and super-villians? To make your decision easier, watch the round 3 trailer below as the video analyzes each contender’s strengths and offers celebrity commentary on the matches.

You’ll have a little over two days to enter. Be sure that you do as entrants will also have the chance to win themselves special avatar items, thems and downloadable content when Injustice: Gods Amongs Us launches.