inFAMOUS Press Kit

The inFAMOUS Press Kit was developed by Sucker Punch Productions in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment prior to the game’s release. inFAMOUS was released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 in 2009.

Sucker Punch Productions, famous for producing the Sly Cooper series developed inFAMOUS as a change of pace to their stealth based games. Focusing on central character Cole MacGrath and his newfound supernatural powers, inFAMOUS was an unknown IP (Intellectual Property) so was promoted heavily by Sony. To further the game’s profile, a very unique Press Kit was produced.

The inFAMOUS Press Kit is about the size of a vinyl record and comes wrapped in a transparent blue inFAMOUS printed plastic outer sleeve. The plastic sleeve slides off to reveal a foil textured, electrically charged fist drawn with a comic book style.

Flipping the inFAMOUS Press Kit over reveals this Press Kit is individually numbered out of a 2800 production run, something we don’t see that often in Press Kits nowadays.

The front cover has a cut out slit which houses a Media Disc loaded with asset material. On the back cover of the inFAMOUS Press Kit is a Demo Code Disc which contains a playable demo of inFAMOUS (sorry, it is not a full version copy of the game).

Inside the fold open guide you’ll find character illustrations of the main characters from inFAMOUS, comic book illustrations and reference information on key features, story, characters and powers from the game.

The middle section of the guide has an extra fold out section with a quote from ‘Abraham Lincoln’ printed on the glossy cardboard. Unfolding the cardboard pages to discover a still image of Empire City.

Flipping through the last few pages of the inFAMOUS Press Kit and you’ll find screenshots of Cole MacGrath from the game, as well as a choice selection character artwork.

As the inFAMOUS Press Kit received a limited production run and each being uniquely numbered, the inFAMOUS Press Kit is highly collectible and sought after by video game collectors.

The Press Kit occasionally appears for sale from time to time however there are periods of months when I haven’t seen a copy available anywhere. If you do spot one out in the wild, make sure to not let the opportunity pass you by!

Contents: Demo Code Disc, Media Disc, Transparent Blue inFAMOUS Plastic Outer Sleeve, Limited Edition Individually Numbered inFAMOUS Fold Open Guide (numbered out of 2800).

  • Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 3
  • Genre(s):Action-Adventure, Sandbox
  • Release Date(s): (AUS) June 4 2009, (EU) May 29 2009, (JP) November 5 2009, (NA) May 26 2009
  • Release Price: N/A