iiNet Are Looking for Australia’s Topgeek

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes; casuals through to hardcore, shooter fans to RTS buffs, puzzlers to adventurers. Some may not even identify as gamers, while others live and breathe their passion. If you’re a fervent Australian geek with a penchant for games, gadgets, the internets – heck anything really – then you have a chance to show off your skills and win big.

Starting tomorrow you can throw down the gauntlet to compete in your chosen geek field (art, tech, fandom, gamer, internet) in the iinet TopGeek Competition. The focus of the comp is that we gamers, geeks, techies and other such folk passionate folk are not a boring old sterotype. We are varied, interesting and awesome individuals; Be proud of who you are, show it off, have some fun, make some friends and win yourself an awesome trip. The prize? An epic all-expenses paid adventure to one of four conventions (Consumer Electronics Show, Penny Arcade Expo, SXSW or even Comicon).

To enter, simply create a 90 second youtube video outlining your particular style of geek and the reason why you deserve to be iiNet’s TopGeek. You can support your geeky appeal with pics, drawings or other material as you see fit. If you’ve never made a video before or think yourself too shy, that’s okay; the judges are also geeks in their fields so they’re sure to understand your geeky cred. You can spend you video showing off your gaming collection, your draws packed with home-made gadgets, rooms full of fanart or your fansite devoted to your favouritist thing – anything that shows off who you are and why you’re an awesome geek.

Those that make it through will then compete in challenges to your particular expertise, through to a big grand final. As for those not selected in the first round, they can still rally their nerdy buddies to vote them up to a wildcard entry later on; if you have geeky connections, use them!

To find out more about the iinet Top Geek competition (or to enter) visit the official website.
And if you’re a gamer, tech geek or interweb buff who enters – Post here and let us know!