How Will You Experience Mobile Games in 2013?

It’s amazing how quickly technology evolves. Mobile gaming used to mean a magnetic checkers board used on a road trip. Then, after gaming consoles became popular, a portable gaming system like a Nintendo DS was the must-have item. No longer are dedicated devices required for quality gaming experiences on the go. From mobile phones to tablet computers, everyone can play their favorite game just about anytime and anywhere.

What does that mean for users? Variety! Choice! And, dare we hope, quality? As more and more gaming options are available to mobile users game developers have to fight harder to gain their loyalty. Mobile users are moving away from playing games via Facebook and have lots of alternate options to get their fix.

How Will You Experience Mobile Games in 2013?

What You Had

Think about your first mobile phone, or at least your early mobile phones. Maybe you had the option for one game that came preloaded. If you did have a game, it was about as advanced as something one might play on original Atari or an Apple II computer. A simple game of Pong isn’t terribly diverting for an extended period of time. If, however, it was all you had at your fingertips to pass the time in a waiting room you probably still played it.

The first round of eReaders and tablets didn’t give you much to fuss over either. A game of Sudoku was possible on an early Nook e-reader, but it sure was clunky and inconvenient. At the dawn of the Android operating system, developers flooded the marketplace with applications. Unfortunately, for users, many of the applications and games were of poor quality or had limited compatibility with Android devices.

Getting Better

Apple’s iPad and iPhone have hosted some of the best options to date in the mobile gaming world. “Angry Birds” practically put developer Rovio on the map. Rovio, who considers themselves an entertainment company rather than just a game developer has created an entire franchise from the “Angry Birds” characters. The quality of those games was high enough that users were willing to pay for a full-game version. And buy new games from the franchise as they are released. “Angry Birds Star Wars” was proof positive the mobile gaming industry can monetize their product successfully.

How Will You Experience Mobile Games in 2013?

On the other hand, Zynga, a company that has developed numerous titles for Facebook gaming recently announced significant layoffs in an attempt to restructure and revitalize their business. More and more users are gaming on the go, rather than at a desktop or laptop computer. Therefore, the gaming side of Facebook hasn’t proven as profitable as founder Mark Zuckerburg would like it to be.

What You’ll Have Available

A new company has joined the mobile gaming community, but you won’t see any products from them on your devices. Swrve is a company based in San Francisco that specializes in monetization and analytics. Developers can utilize Swrve to help them improve their user experience without becoming a specialist in analytics.

Regardless of which mobile devices you have at your disposal, 2013 should provide you with many quality options for gaming – whether you’re using Facebook games, dedicated apps or playing online in an Internet browser.