Hitman Absolution Deluxe Professional Edition

As the release date for Hitman Absolution draws near, it is apparent that Square Enix will not let Agent 47 go by quietly. On top of the Professional Edition of the game announced a short while ago, it has been revealed that a master agent can do one better; with the Deluxe Professional Edition.

Much like the Professional Edition you get an incredible Hitman Art Book (it’s worth it for this alone), a “Making of DVD” that takes you behind the scenes of the development process and the Agency Gun Pack Download Content. In addition to all these great features you get an exclusive 10″ vinyl statue of an Agent 47 caricature.

The Deluxe Edition has only been announced for Europe at this stage, however as the Professional Edition will be making its way to Australia there is still hope.

Hitman Absolution will be hitting stores November 20, on the Xbox, PS3 and PC. You can set your sights on the Professional Edition by preordering the exclusive at EB Games.