Hitman 5 ARG Coming to E3? Teaser Images Found

Could Hitman 5 ARG (Alternate Reality Game) be coming sooner than we expect? Over at the Hitman Forum, the crafty users have unravelled a string of clue to uncover some pretty hard hitting evidence of a Hitman 5 announcement.

You can follow the link at the bottom to the Hitman Forum to see how this paper trail unfolded. The images include what appears to be Agent 47 affixing a silencer to his pistol. If you zoom in close enough, you’ll notice the barcode writing in red reads “47“.

Each of the images also features a barcode (much like the barcodes stamped on the back of each Hitman clone) which reveals a date of June 7th 2011, the opening date of the E3 Expo this year.

Now we can’t rule out the possibility that these images are just fan created but I prefer to think they are genuine and dream of a Hitman 5 announcement in a few months time.

Either way, sit back and take it all in.

[SOURCE]: Hitman Forum – Hitman related ARG – Discussion thread