Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is Opening in Europe this Summer

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar on the Nintendo DS will be arriving in Europe and Australia this Summer, thanks to Rising Star Games.

Harvest Moon’s latest adventure takes place in Zephyr Town. Zephyr Town was once home to a world famous bazaar which attracted many shoppers from distant lands to come together. Unfortunately over time, the bazaar has fallen into a state of despair and very few visitors can find a reason to attend the weekly gatherings.

But with perfect timing, you have recently arrived in Zephyr Town with the intention of restoring the vaccant farm on the outskirts of town and have been asked to help the town. Hopefully with your hard work, the town’s farmland and bazaar will be revitalised and Zephyr Town will become great place to visit once again!

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar offers all the classic Harvest Moon gaming features that fans enjoy with new exciting extras, such as windmills to let you combine ingredients to make goods to sell at the Bazaar, an improved control system that lets players jump up hills and over streams, new festivals including the fan favourite horse race festival and the option of  owning multiple pets to help you on your farm.

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and players can connect with friends and visit each others’ towns. Players will be able to shop at their bazaar, lend a helping hand on the farm or go fishing together in the streams.

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar
Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar will be available in Europe and Australia this Summer.