Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar Fresh Harvested Screenshots

Rising Star Games have a new crop of Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar screenshots. The collection of screenshots come off the latest iteration in the farming fun series, due out on the Nintendo DS.

Taking place in Zephyr Town this time ’round, you have recently arrived on a vacant farm on the outskirts of town. Hopefully with your hard work, the town’s farmland and bazaar will be revitalised and Zephyr Town will become great place to visit once again!

The mother of all farming games and top farming brand on the DS returns with all new features, pets and crops. Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar has all the classic gaming features of the series and great additions including windmills to let you combine ingredients to make goods to sell at the Bazaar, a new jump movement that enables players to jump up hills and over streams, the horse race festival returns and you can own multiple pets to help work your farm.  Players can use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to help their friends with farming, shop at their bazaar, or go fishing in their streams.

See how the harvest is coming along by checking out the freshest images below:

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is currently available in North America and will be ready to harvest in Europe and Australia this coming Summer.