Guardian Heroes ‘Choose Your Adventure’ Trailer; En-Guard!

Sega HD-enhanced remake of Treasure’s 1996 Guardian Heroes has an all-new trailer. The trailer reveals more gameplay footage in high quality definition, with a story element that is decision based.

More than just a beat ’em up, the reborn, Guardian Heroes will offer a storyline with twists and turns allowing players to take on one of five unique boss fights and more than half a dozen endings to view.

See the heroes triumphant return into a new generation below:

The classic action-RPG brawler was a cult classic on the Sega Saturn back in 1996. Now fans can experience the wonder of Guardian Heroes for the first time, or again. The side-scrolling action adventure allows for up to 12 player online gaming.

Guardian Heroes returns to action on October 12th 2011 on Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE Arcade for a cool 800 Microsoft Points.