Guardian Heroes Available on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Treasure‘s Saturn side-scrolling brawler Guardian Heroes has been updated and released on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The legendary title was a cult smash on the Saturn back in 1996, with the original developers redesigning the Guardian Heroes with all new features and updates. Completely re-mastered with enhanced graphics, new game modes and the introduction of online co-op.

A full run-down of new features can be found below:

  • Action-RPG Brawling: Choose one of five heroes to level up and guide along a branching storyline with five different endings
  • Friends, Foes, and Fighters: Play the game’s Story Mode alone or with a second player, or challenge Versus Mode with up to 12 players at once
  • Extended Gameplay: Time Attack Mode, Arcade Mode, Arrange Mode and more allow players to explore every nuance of 45 different fighters
  • Fully Re-Mastered: All-new graphics and visual effects bring the classic to life in a completely high-definition, widescreen presentation

Available now via Xbox LIVE Marketplace, experience the classic storyline and high impact combat for only 800 Microsoft Points. A small price to play for a retro classic adventure like no other.