Google Employs Zerg Rush Tactics


Google have once again shown their sense of humour, this time taking cues from the strategies of the Zerg. In the same way the ‘Zerg rush’ crushes opponents with overwhelming numbers, so too will google O-verwhelm you.

For those unfamiliar with the Starcraft universe, the ‘Zerg rush’ is an infamous and highly effective tactic used by players of the Zerg race; it makes use of huge numbers of low cost, weak units to overwhelm the enemy. Google are employing this same strategy, creating an army of google “O’s” to eat away at your results. In the manner of the Zerg, a steady stream of red and yellow google “O’s” rush across your screen, eating up your search results and emptying the page. You have the chance to attack back though, as clicking on the O’s reduces their health and kills them off. But alas, there is no way to defeat this particular Zerg rush. Soon you will be overwhelmed, and it’s game over

Starcraft fans can head on over to google and type in “Zerg rush” for the amusing nod to the well-known game plan. As long as you don’t actually need any information on the Zerg rush from the search engine, you’ll be just fine.

Good Game, says the Zergoogle. GG.


Hat tip to Adam for the heads up.