God of War: Ascension Console Bundle with Classic White PS3 Super Slim Announced for Europe

It appears that Sony are making use of the latest colours in the Playstation lineup to pay tribute to our favourite Greek, for the upcoming game God of War: Ascension. first a few days ago with a console as red as our furious friend’s tattoos in North America’s Legacy Bundle, and now it has just been announced that Europe will be seeing a special edition PS3 bundle complete with a cool white console reminiscent of Kratos’ ash-white skin. Plus, it comes with the specially themed controller that matches the golden hues of the latest game!


God of War Ascension - Special Edition Europe


Announced today by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, this special edition bundle comes with:

  • God-of-War-Ascension-Collector's-Edition-BannerClassic White 500Gb PS3 ‘Super Slim
  • God of War: Ascension Controller
  • Premium Steelbook, containing:
    • God of War: Ascension Game
    • Audio soundtrack
    • MultiPlayer Double XP Unlock
    • Exclusive PS3 Dynamic Theme
    • Exclusive PS3 Avatar

God of War: Ascension - Steelbook

The God of War: Ascension special edition bundle is set for release at the same time as the game, hitting Europe on March 15th, 2013. At this stage the bundles price has not been officially confirmed, however Amazon listings suggest a RRP of  £249.99. For the collectors out there itching to get more of these stylishly themed controllers, they will also be available seperately on launch. The controllers have also been confirmed for Australia on our March 14th launch date, but no word yet if Aussies will also be getting the special console bundle.

God of War: Ascension - ControllerGod of War: Ascension - Controller