Ghost Recon Future Soldier First Official Figurine By Ubisoft

Ubisoft have created the first official figurne based on Ghost Recon Future Soldier. The high quality PVC figure is of youngest Ghost Team member John Kozak, who just happens to also be the main character of the game.

Standing at 21cm tall, Kozak clutches a signature Ghost rifle in hand and looks fairly detailed going by the promotional shots.

Full product description for Kozak below:

Meet Kozak, young member of the “Ghosts”, elite squad of highly-trained soldiers.

When a stolen military-grade bomb takes out a Ghost squad, a new Ghost Unit must track down the source of the weapons. But the trail Kozak, Ghost Lead, Pepper and 30K follow leads around the world, into the corridors of power where rebellion and war are brewing. Soon, the Ghosts are all that stands between the world and global conflict.

Kozak will be released on May 25th, 2012 to coincide with the launch of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. RRP is set at £30 ($49.95 AUD) for keen fans.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier First Official Figurine By Ubisoft
If you’re interested in owning your own personal Ghost, pre-order Kozak right now via Ubishop. See more images via the jump here.

Copyright Photography: Yohann Robert