GG EZ Bar, Australia’s first eSports Bar Opens in Melbourne Late August

eSports meets alcohol equals good times.

Australia’s first dedicated eSports bar will be opening its doors in late August this year. GG EZ Bar is located at 93-95 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria and will pair cocktails, restaurant-quality food with state-of-the-art screens featuring eSports competitions and events, both local and global.

GGEZ logo

Asides from being a cool place to hang out with other eSport fans, GG EZ Bar will also serve as a community hub for hosting meet-ups and events in Melbourne for the ever-growing eSport community. Asides from the big events, EZ GG Bar said they will also support smaller, up-and-coming niche titles looking to establish a foothold in the eSports landscape.

“You find that a large number of esports fans only follow one game, but what interests them about one title is generally present in others. They just haven’t been paying attention”, says owner Lachlan McAllister. “If you get people exposed to a greater variety of esport titles, you’ll likely create more knowledgeable, engaged fans and a stronger esports community.”

EZ Boy

GG EZ Bar is co-owned by well-known entrepreneur and futurist Jamie Skella, and Lachlan McAllister, the man behind such award winning bars as Mr Wow’s Emporium, Los Barbudos, and Lily Blacks.

Asides from cocktails, there will also be a range of adult Bubble Teas available, something I can definitely get behind.

Details on the exact opening day hasn’t been locked in as yet. Asides from some promotional artwork, details on what the interior of the venue looks like is still unconfirmed at this stage. Although, this D.VA wall art looks pretty interesting.

D.Va wall art by Melbourne Artist Justine McAllister

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