GamesCom 2011: Resident Evil Revelations Trailers & Screenshots; Jill & Chris Back in Action

Capcom are bringing out their best bag of tricks with fresh Resident Evil Revelations media to please the masses at this years GamesCom event in Cologne.

With an all new storyline, new characters and locations introduced for the Nintendo 3DS, Resident Evil Revelations will take the horror shooter to new territory with touch screen for weapon switching, evidence analysis and puzzle solving.

Players can also adapt their shooting style with the ability to quickly alternate between the first and third person shooter views with the 3DS controls.

Jill Valentine makes a return with BSAA parter Parker Luciani as they search for missing Chris Redfield, whose last known whereabouts happens to be on an abandoned cruise ship.

In true Resident Evil fashion, players will tackle hidden dangers on the high seas, including a new enemy and virus known as the T-Abyss.

As Jill and Parker explore the confines of the abandoned ship, Chris Redfield and fellow BSAA agent Jessica Sherawat journey through the mountain regions uncovering details on the terrorist group, Veltro.

Take on even more infected creatures than ever before, with more characters, enemies and conspiracies yet to be revealed.

Capcom have also provided a detailed features fact sheet on the new features you’ll find in Resident Evil Revelations:

  • All new Resident Evil – Taking place between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, new storyline featuring series favorites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield plus new BSAA members Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat.
  • Classic survival horror gameplay returns – With limited ammo and weapons available, adventure through a range of different locations including the dark confined spaces of a cruise ship and the treacherous snow covered mountains, fighting off infected enemies that lurk around every corner.
  • Utilizes the unique 3DS features – Make use of the touch screen to solve puzzles and switch between weapons.
  • Use your equipment – Analyze enemies and investigate areas such as a plane crash site with the Genesis scanner. Reveal hidden items to upgrade your weapons.
  • Brand new threat – A new kind of enemy and virus that not only attacks you on the ground but also under water is set to join the legions of Resident Evil enemies and provide a unique challenge for players.
  • First person shooter view – choose the shooting style that suits you and pin point your enemies with the ability to alternate between first and third person views.
  • Execute melee attacks – Players will be able to get up close and personal with their enemies.
  • Outstanding visuals – MT Framework Mobile, an adapted version of Capcom’s proprietary game engine previously used in Resident Evil 5, brings the horror to life on the Nintendo 3DS screen.

Had enough reading? Good. Time to watch some pretty videos and take in some horror eye-candy.

Resident Evil Revelations is still currently under production and is scheduled to launch in early 2012, exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.