Free South Park Episode For PS Vita; Kick Ass!

An odd mix but nonetheless, still a freebie. Sony will be giving away a free South Park episode download for PS Vita owners.

Available to purchase through the PS Store under the ‘South Park Uncensored’ menu, you can pick up the first episode from season 12 for absolutely free. Seasons 12 through to 14 is available to download on PS Vita, but you’ll have to pay if you want anything other than your free episode download.

Think of it as a free taste of what the PS Vita can offer with regular content updates available through the video store portion of the portable handheld.

If you remember, the PlayStation Portable had UMD movies that was great, but never quite reached its full potential while the PS Vita PlayStation Store download option could remedy. Boot up your PS Vita and enjoy your freebie today.