FREE L.A. Noire T-Shirt & Poster with Preorder for GameInformer Subscribers

Are you a GameInformer subscriber? Good. Do you like L.A Noire? Even better.

In the latest issue of GameInformer with Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepherd on the front cover, you’ll find a voucher inside that will entitle you to a limited edition L.A. Noire T-Shirt and Poster.

Game Informer LA Noire Free T-Shirt
Simply take the voucher and present it in-store at a local EB Games to redeem your free goodies. It does say you will need to pre-order to secure the free T-Shirt and Poster but seeing as L.A. Noire is shaping up to be a hit title of 2011, its a WIN-WIN situation!

L.A. Noire Voucher
L.A. Noire Voucher in this month Game Informer.


Don’t forget by pre-ordering at EB Games, you’ll also secure yourself the Exclusive Bonus “The Naked City” Vice Case as well as The Badge Pursuit Challenge.

No idea yet what the L.A. Noire T-shirt or Poster looks like, but hurry into EB Games to find out. [UPDATE]: Managed to pick up one of the t-shirts and poster today. Take a look below to see what it looks likes. The t-shirt has the Rockstar logo on the back of the neck.

Keep in mind that these t-shirts and posters are extremely limited as I picked up the last one from my local EB Games. Get in quick! (21-04-2011).

Supplies are strictly limited per store and while stocks last!

L.A. Noire Poster

L.A. Noire T-Shirt

L.A. Noire T-Shirt Back