Flip Cover Catherine; For Those Who Can’t Decide

Catherine is a game that tackles the trials, tribulations and terrors of relationships and courting by means of crazy puzzles; with the hapless Vincent stuck between his pretty & smart girlfriend named Katherine and the beautiful & seductive Catherine. He can’t seem to choose, and it looks as though when it came to choosing between the C/Katherines for the game’s PAL cover – ATLUS couldn’t decide either.

For it’s belated PAL release, Catherine will be featuring a double-sided cover for both the 360 and PS3; one K/Catherine per side. Which one will you choose? (Or perhaps one C/Katherine per console?)


In Catherine, you play as Vincent, who’s every fear, doubt, and shred of guilt about his issues with commitment and fidelity chase him in his dreams as monsters, and who’s relationship decisions are played out through weird puzzles and problems. The game also features multiplayer modes and leaderboards, just to add to the chaos that already is Vincent’s world.

Produced by Katsura Hashino, the man behind Persona 3 and Persona 4, with music by Shoji Meguro and character artwork by Shigenori Soejima; Catherine will certainly be an interesting and unusual experience. It has been out in Japan since February this year, and everyone seems to a part of this curious adventure.

Catherine will be finally hitting Australian shores February 2012, with the exact date still to be confirmed.