Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mass Effect Costumes & DLC Monsters

The latest issue of Famitsu have revealed a first glimpse of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 cross-over Mass Effect N7 costumes.

The BioWare Mass Effect space suits will be available to download starting from next month, with Famitsu revealing Noel and Serah in the black and red get-up:

You’ll be able to pick it up for 300 Yen / 240 Microsoft Points from March 27 in Japan. No release date set for an english release yet but it should be far off from the Japan release.

In addition to the new clothes, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will take a step back in the franchise and introduce two Final Fantasy IV coliseum monsters.

Ultros and Typhoon have been re-created on HD with the challenge available to take on as for a purchase price of 400 Yen / 320 Microsoft Points for access to both monsters.

[SOURCE]: Famitsu