FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition with Steelbook & Soccer Ball; EB Games Exclusive

The latest announcement in a series of special edition reveals slipped passed the goalie late this morning. EA’s FIFA 12 is the latest to receive star studded treatment with the FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition with bonuses exclusive to EB Games.

Inside the FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition you’ll find:


  • FIFA 12 game
  • 24 x FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Gold packs (4 Gold Packs per month, for 6 months) to build your dream club
  • FIFA 12 steelbook
  • Exclusive Size 2 Soccer Ball

Kick start your perfect soccer season in style with access to the FIFA 12 Gold Packs. Each month for six months, you’ll receive access to four Gold Packs per month to help build the perfect soccer club of your fantasies.

For fans of steelbooks, FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition doesn’t disappoint with its own custom steelbook to protect your copy of FIFA 12 throughout the year long season.

Take the action off the screen and onto the streets and playing field with an exclusive EA & EB Games branded size 2 soccer ball. Nothing like being your own soccer star as you have a kick around with friends.

The artwork for FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition is yet to be finalised so take the contents picture with a grain of salt.

Available for pre-order effective immediately, the FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition is something that doesn’t come around often in the world of soccer/football games. Enjoy this rare occasion and get your preorder in so you’re set to go on launch day.

FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition tackles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 exclusively on the 29th of September 2011. The Ultimate Edition has replaced the standard edition for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions at EB Games. Standard Edition of FIFA 12 are available across the other platforms, without the extras obviously.

EB Games – FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition (PS3, Xbox 360 – $108)

EB Games – FIFA 12 Standard Edition (PC – $88) (Wii – $78) (3DS – $68) (PS2, DS – $48)