FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition Unboxing

FIFA 12 combines physical collectibles and digital downloads into one unique package for what EA define as the FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition experience. But how ultimate is it, and has EA done enough to make it a worthwhile collector’s piece?

FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition was available exclusively through retail chain EB Games in Australia and New Zealand on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Packaged in a limited edition cardboard box is a standard copy of FIFA 12 and a collectible steelbook. Wayne Rooney, Tim Cahill & Kaká feature as the cover athletes for the Australian release on both the cover slip and cardboard casing.

Inside the standard copy game is an instruction pamplet (manual available in digital form on disc), a FIFA Street promo scan code and an Online Pass for accessing the online components of the game.

The steelbook has a brushed aluminium finish with EA Sports Football Club design printed on the exterior case. The inside is slightly more colourful with an in-game image taken from FIFA 12 of players in action.  The 24 x FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Gold Pack redeem card is packaged together with the steelbook.

The outer cardboard shell is a snug fit so extra precaution is advised to prevent damaging it when removing/replacing the contents.

Take the FIFA action from the screen to the field with an EA and EB Games branded soccer ball. Size 2, the ball is not your full size regulation ball, but more of a casual ball for kicking around with friends. White and red in colour with the EA and EB Games logo printed all over. You will need a pump to inflate the ball though.

The most complete FIFA experience to date, the FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition bundles together one of the finest Soccer / Football simulation titles with a combination of digital content and physical collectibles for the ultimate fans of ‘The Beautiful Game’.

Contents: FIFA 12 Video Game, Instruction Pamplet, Standard Case, Online Pass Card, FIFA Street Promo Code Card, EA Sports Football Club Steelbook, 24 FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Gold Pack Redeem Card, FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition Outer Cardboard Case, Size 2 EA / EB Games Branded Soccer Ball

  • Developer: EA Canada
  • Publisher: EA Sports
  • Platform: Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3
  • Genre(s): Sports Simulation
  • Release Date(s): (AUS) September 29th 2011
  • Release Price: $108 AUD RRP (EB Games exclusive)