Esperino Sun, 21 Sep 2014 23:31:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 inFAMOUS: First Light Review Sun, 21 Sep 2014 22:22:43 +0000 inFAMOUS is back, well sort of. inFAMOUS: First Light is the latest release in the inFAMOUS franchise, a stand-alone prequel to the hugely successful inFAMOUS: Second Son of earlier this year. It’s a compact package that will entertain, although not to the full extent of Delsin’s larger, grander adventure.


Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation Network, PlayStation 4 (Reviewed)
Players: Single-Player
Genre: Open World Action-Adventure
Release: August 27th, 2014

First Light plonks you in the shoes of Abigail “Fetch” Walker, a conduit with the ability to manipulate neon to her bidding. Making her debut appearance in Second Son, First Light traces Fetch’s backstory providing sort of an origin take on her unusual superpower.

Being pursued by anti-Conduit DUP troops, Brent and Fetch prepare to depart the shores of Seattle for good. Of course, there’s one last job (there always is) before they can begin a new life and things don’t go quite to plan, leading to her brother Brent being kidnapped and Fetch on a mission to find him. Simple enough plot.

Fetch can tap into her neon power set to run at high speed, hurl brightly charged neon bolts, and even draw graffiti around town in her own uniquely different way. Unlike Delsin and his trio of powers, Fetch only has access to one power type which can feel like a step backwards.


Upgrades for her neon abilities become available by completing games of tag with swirly energy wisps, collecting red neon charges hovering high above the city skyline, or tagging the town with neon artwork. You’ll have to get familiar with Fetch’s abilities to reach some of these harder to get to locations.

To find Brent’s whereabouts, Fetch takes on a series of mission-based jobs for Shane, Brent’s old boss where you’ll be on bodyguard duty discharging deliciously colourful charges into the city’s unsavoury residents. The missions aren’t all that mind-blowing but serviceable as a means of driving the plot forward.

Fetch is instantly likeable with a personality that many will warm to straight away. Drawing comparison with Delsin, she’s fair more tame in her attitude towards her newfound abilities and perhaps that air of responsibility and driven motivation to do something meaningful with her talent is the reason.


The narrative bounces between the past and present day as Fetch recounts her past to DUP Chief Brooke Augustine. Held as a prisoner, Fetch is put through her paces in a series of trials to test out her abilities. With the story taking place in the past, the relation between these mini-test arenas and actual plotline can make the pacing feel disjoined. Battling holograms in a confined space felt unnecessary and almost unwarranted for what is expansion content.

Much like Second Son, First Light looks gorgeous visually with a large open playground for Fetch to roam around. The glow of neon signs illuminating the city, ad does the neon energy emanating from Fetch’s palms which reminds me of why I enjoyed Second Son so much.

Unfortunately the city can feel empty and under-utilized. Running around town performing the same old tasks feels like more of a chore at times, particularly as I could complete so many of them without upgrading once. Fetch is only privy to the south of Seattle as well, with the entire north section cut off altogether.


Combat is easily one of the best parts of First Light, and downright fantastic fun. Sure, Fetch is limited to one power set but there are loads of things to do from slowing down time to fire off a precision neon bolt at enemies’ weak points, to going all out with a super move to shred mobs in style. Movement around Seattle is fluid and zippy, clinging to walls and pounding pavement with ease.

Sucker Punch obviously intended First Light to be a pseudo-expansion and nothing beyond that and at only 4 hours long provides a darn good piece of story-telling for a low $24.95 RRP asking price. Hopefully Sucker Punch will provide Fetch with more play time in future releases and beyond.

8.0 – Great. An enjoyable experience, fans and newcomers of the genre will be entertained. Any noticeable flaws are largely outweighed by the positives.

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Flockers Review Sun, 21 Sep 2014 09:43:32 +0000 Right from the outset, it’s clear that Team 17’s Flockers is set to be one strange ride. It’s not that its ideas are particularly wild or that it does anything notably new, but rather its oddities come from the fact that its various parts appear to be working against each other. Unfortunately, this issue goes far beyond the presentation and permeates the experience as a whole, making for a title that’s fun in spurts but ultimately tough to recommend.

Flockers Cut Scene 2

Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Platform: Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network (Reviewed), Windows PC
Players: Single-Player, Multi-Player
Genre: Action Strategy
Release: September 19th, 2014

On one hand the sheep designs are downright adorable, looking like something from a children’s morning show. The frequent bleating is certainly amusing throughout, especially as they reach you directly via the PS4’s dualshock speaker. There’s a real sense of humour here too, as evident in the unlockable costumes and stage names, all of which are linked to an amusing sheep-themed pun. How strange it is then, when the little blighters meet a gruesome – and extremely bloody – end. Much of this mess can be turned off in the main menu, but those about to send us links to Happy Tree Friends should understand this is just the representation of a far deeper problem.

You see, it’s your job to save the flock from the business end of a buzz saw by granting powers, stacking sheep to reach new heights, leading them across buttons and eventually to safety. The trouble is that unlike Lemmings (which was tough yet accessible and gave us hours of joy before laying the smack down), nothing here is all that intuitive or addictive. Rewards are too few and meaningless to really push you onward when things get tough, with too little variation in the landscape to keep things interesting. One day developers will realise that it’s not a smart move to keep us in brown factory stages for long, or at least, one can dream.

Flockers Anti-Grav

Timing is key in Flockers so you’ll need to stay alert when it comes to guiding them through. Only a single brave sheep need survive to achieve basic completion, but saying such a thing would be to discount the fiendish complexity with which the stages have been designed. Warp points and gravity reversals can complicate things more than they should, but it’s clear that real effort’s been made in devising the devilish traps. It’s just a shame that the game’s over-reliance on trial-and-error will likely cheapen any appreciation you may have otherwise had.

An example: you only have one super-sheep in the group, but you didn’t account for one little jump, blade or wall ahead so your little guy is about to go really well with a helping of mint sauce and gravy – now the only option open to you is yet another restart. This pattern will become all too familiar should you spend any meaningful time in the world of Flockers. As such, this game is best enjoyed in short bursts rather than extended play sessions.

Flockers Bonus Level

Puzzle fanatics will certainly enjoy the game more than those with limited patience. The sky-high difficulty means you won’t finish it in anything like a few hours, though you’re advised to think long and hard about your gaming preferences before you succumb to the doughy eyes of the flock and go in for the purchase. We’ve all seen this kind of game before, done better before, but not enough in recent times to completely write Flockers off as a lost cause.

Determined players will find a short-lived sense of accomplishment when their sheep avoid being sheared into oblivion. Regardless, the game could have been so much more had its gameplay been approached from a different angle. As negative as this review may rightly be, I recognise that there was, and still is, a great deal of potential here. A greater balance between fun frolics and healthy challenge as opposed to nasty trial-and-error could lead to a sequel that’s much more appealing to the average player. Right now, this is one flock in desperate need of a good shepherd.

Flockers Level Scape 2


5.5 – Average. While it does nothing exceptionally bad, it does nothing exceptionally good either. It may be fun for a while but it will struggle to maintain any interest.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review Fri, 19 Sep 2014 05:05:22 +0000 Murdered: Soul Suspect on paper appears infinitely promising with its premise, but doesn’t quite reach its potential. The gameplay is unique, as is the world of Salem where everything takes place but ultimately feels like a wasted opportunity. The game never drew me in to feel engaging, but isn’t entirely bad either. By the end of it all, my feelings towards Murdered: Soul Suspect was left in a state of limbo.


Developer: Airtight Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4 (reviewed)
Players: Single
Genre: Action Role-Playing Game
Release: June 5th, 2014 (ANZ)

Taking on the role of Detective Ronan O’Connor, you’re immediately thrown out a window while investigating the Bell Killer, a brutal serial killer terrorising the good citizens of Salem, Massachusetts. Caught between the spirit realm of Dusk and the real world, the Bell Killer fills Ronan with a few rounds from his own gun, leaving our unlikely hero trapped as a ghostly resident. Through a brief interaction with Ronan’s deceased wife Julia, we learn Ronan still has unfinished business to tend to before he can move on from the living world. This initial interlude effectively sets the plot as Ronan investigates his own murder, while adapting to his newfound ghost abilities.

These extra cases serve as a distraction from the rather thin plot. It’s clear to see the direction Airtight Games were reaching for, although perhaps trying a little too hard to captive an audience given how disengaged I felt from Ronan’s plight. Neither Ronan’s predicament nor personality resonated much with me and I’m not entirely sure why. The motion-captured characters and voice acting weren’t particularly bad in my mind, so it could be due to the character development feeling underdone.

Murdered plays out in third-person view, with Ronan moving between buildings, streets, graveyards and apartments scattered around town. Naturally as a ghost, Ronan is capable of passing through walls however there are limitations to where he can and can’t go. This makes navigating loads of fun; however the line between reality and the fabric of dimensions can quickly become blurred, feeling more like a case of gaming glitches at times than something individual and unique.


Being about to teleporting between spirit residues to hide from lurking demonic entities makes for a nice game of cat-and-mouse, before stalking one of these predators and dispatching them with a QTE (quick-time event) attack. If you fail, its back to hide-and-seek until you successfully input the right command, sending the spectre off to the nether realm.

No longer able to communicate with the real world, Ronan will need to tap into the thoughts of living. By influencing the thoughts and actions and his unaware targets, Ronan can employ a special brand of interrogating to piece together clues in order to unravel the truth. It’s an intriguing voyeuristic approach to gameplay that doesn’t feel invasive but not fully developed either. Each target generally only has two thought patterns before repeating themselves, with many mind-readings adding very little to all the sleuthing you get up to. The pay-out doesn’t justify the effort in most cases, and even if Ronan’s powers of deduction lead to the wrong conclusion, there’s very little consequence.

Conversing with the other poltergeists that call Dusk home is mysteriously fascinating, like trying to unravel a ball of yarn one thread at a time. Uncovering new information and hidden memories were some of my most memorable highlights of Murdered.


Asides from solving Ronan’s own case, the spirits that reside in Salem presents side quests which; being the inquisitive detective he is, takes on board to complete in order to send them on their way to ‘the other side’. There are also collectibles littered around town for you to collect if hoarding a mixed bag of knick-knacks is your kind of thing.

Murdered‘s visuals are fairly decent with clever use of light effects, shadows and use of a dark palette, but given I played it on a PlayStation 4 console, it felt more last gen than next gen in comparison to other available titles.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is the kind of title you want to see publishers taking a gamble with. It’s different and a welcome change, albeit could have been better produced with more thought in its investigative techniques. Murdered won’t be for everyone, but I appreciate the direction Airtight Games were heading despite a few missteps.


6.5 – Above Average. Fun but it is let down by some questionable design choices. While it has its own identity, it doesn’t go beyond its own limits.

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Disney Infinity 2.0 Pre-order Offers in Australia Fri, 12 Sep 2014 03:41:12 +0000 With Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes just a week away, I decided to take a look at what’s available from the various retailers across the country.

Pre-order Disney Infinity 2.0 at EB Games before launch and you’ll also score yourself a bonus figure. There are 7 figures to choose from, including Rocket Racoon, Groot, Drax, Captain America, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Iron Fist and Venom.


Starter Packs start from $79.95 and are available on a different range of platforms. You can check out availability via EB Games online.

A Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Collector’s Edition was also available exclusively through EB Games in Australia on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, however that was literally taken off their website a few moments ago. You may still be able to pre-order it via in-store or calling their customer service helpline.


The Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Collector’s Edition includes:

  • 1 Marvel’s Avengers Collectible Stand (Requires 4 x 1.5V Size Batteries. Batteries not included.)
  • 3 Marvel Super Heroes Figures: Hulk, Hawkeye, and Captain America
  • 1 Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack, including:
  • 1 Disney Infinity 2.0 Video Game Software
  • 1 Disney Infinity 2.0 Base
  • 3 Marvel Super Heroes Figures: Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow
  • 2 Marvel Super Heroes Toy Box Game Discs
  • 1 Marvel’s The Avengers Play set Piece
  • 1 Web Code Card
  • 1 Poster

This is the premium available bundle, and will set you back $249.95 AUD.

Over at MightyApe, they are running a similar free figure promotion, except you won’t be able to choose your free figure. Prices start at $79.99 (excl. shipping) and you are restricted to Nick Fury as a bonus figure only. You can place a pre-order via the link here.

Mighty Ape

Lastly, we have Target in Australia who have put together a rather nice bundle as well. For $89 on a variety of platforms, you will receive a Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack, a Nick Fury figure, as well as a Disney Infinity carry case.


This promotion is only available in-store at the moment. You can place a pre-order directly with them at your local store if this is your deal of choice.

Will you be picking up Disney Infinity 2.0 on day one? The game is due out on September 18th, 2014.

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Yondu and Falcon Revealed in Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Fri, 12 Sep 2014 03:31:49 +0000 Disney Interactive have revealed two new characters for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes – Yondu and Falcon.

Yondu featured in Marvel’s box office hit “Guardians of the Galaxy”, while Falcon featured in the recent Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

More details on each character along with screenshots below:




  • Yondu: From deepest space comes Yondu, leader of the outlaw band known as the Ravagers. Whether he’s trying to outwit the Guardians of the Galaxy or face off against a squadron of Sakaarans, Yondu will do anything to come out on top. With his whistle-powered flying arrow and devastating combat skills, Yondu is truly a force to be reckoned with. He will be playable in both the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set and 2.0 Toy Box. Yondu will also be making an appearance in the Marvel Team-Up: Yondu Power Disc. When players place the Power Disc on the Disney Infinity base, they can fight alongside the powerful, arrow-shooting ally, and send enemies running for their lives.





  • Falcon: Pararescue veteran Sam Wilson, codename Falcon, soars into Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes. As Captain America’s closest ally, Falcon’s an indispensible addition to the Marvel’s Avengers Play Set and 2.0 Toy Box. With his EXO-7 wing pack and Hardlight Feathers, evil doesn’t stand a chance against his aerial assaults. Other characters can also fly like Falcon when players use the Falcon’s Wings Power Disc.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes is due out in less than a week’s time, launching in Australia and New Zealand on September 18th, 2014.

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Bayonetta 2 First Print Edition, Special Edition & Solus Edition Mon, 08 Sep 2014 22:35:03 +0000 Nintendo Europe will be releasing three retail editions exclusive to Europe, some being more limited than others.

Bayonetta 2 First Print European Edition

Launching on the 24th of October, 2014 exclusively on the Wii U, the First Print Edition is the creme of the crop, which includes the following:

  • The Book of Angels Leather, 3D Embossed
  • The Art of Bayonetta 2
  • Bayonetta Game Disc – Each game comes on its own disc
  • This pack will be limited to just 15,300 copies.

Being such a low print run, the 15,300 copies have been sold out at GAME UK, Nintendo UK and Amazon France within a matter of a day. Given GAME UK and Amazon France both cater to worldwide shipping, the demand simply outstripped supply as all copies were quickly snapped up.

If you missed out, you can try your luck on Amazon UK or even eBay, but you will be paying a premium for it. Keep in mind GAME UK only had it priced for 59.99 GBP so don’t get suckered into paying a crazy amount for it.

Alternatively, you can always opt for the more affordable Bayonetta 2 Special Edition which comes in a special edition packaging, as well as both Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2 in physical format.

Bayonetta 2 Special Edition

This is currently available through GAME UK, priced at £44.99 GBP.

If you don’t care for all the fuss, you can pick up the Solus Edition, which is a fancy way of saying standard edition, available just about anywhere you can shake a stick at.

If its any consolation for those that missed out like me, here’s a trailer for what you missed out on. Don’t know why they bothered with a trailer when it sold out that quickly, but anyways…

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Mortal Kombat X Goro Pre-order Bonus & Poster Mon, 08 Sep 2014 22:01:08 +0000 Pre-order Mortal Kombat X before launch and you’ll get access to the infamous Goro, the popular four-armed fighting machine.

Launching on April 15th in Australia and April 16th in New Zealand for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, the legendary character Goro makes his triumph return to the fighting fray as a pre-order exclusive.

Mortal Kombat X Goro

Making his first appearance in more than eight years, Goro, the feral, four-armed Shokan warrior will be available day of launch as a playable combatant to those who pre-order Mortal Kombat X.

You can secure Goro at all major retailers across the country, including JB Hi-Fi and EB Games in Australia. EB will also be offering a free Mortal Kombat X poster featuring a fractured spine on a black backdrop. It isn’t the most styligh poster I’ve ever seen, but its a freebie nonetheless.

Mortal Kombat X Poster

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Two Batman: Arkham Knight Collector’s Editions For Australia & New Zealand Mon, 08 Sep 2014 21:41:20 +0000 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced two Batman: Arkham Knight collector’s editions for Australia and New Zealand, launching on June 3rd and June 4th, 2015 respectively.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be available in a limited edition and a Batmobile Edition for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Limited Edition will also be available for the PC.


Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition (available at EB Games and JB Hi-fi only) includes:

  • Custom Art Book – 80 Page, Full Colour Art Book Showcasing the concept art of Batman Arkham Knight
  • Limited Edition SteelBook – Unique SteelBook case and game disc
  • Comic Book – Limited Edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic Book
  • Exclusive Character Skin Pack – Three Unique Skins from DC Comics – The New 52
  • Batman Memorial Statue – Imposing statue commemorating Gotham’s Protector, the Dark Knight
  • RRP:
    • Console – AUD$169.95 (NZ Pricing TBC)
    • PC – AUD$149.95 (NZ Pricing TBC)


Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition (EB Games Exclusive) will include:

  • Custom Art Book – 80 Page, Full Colour Art Book Showcasing the concept art of Batman Arkham Knight
  • Limited Edition SteelBook – Unique SteelBook case and game disc
  • Comic Book – Limited Edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic Book
  • Exclusive Character Skin Pack – Three Unique Skins from DC Comics – The New 52
  • Transforming Batmobile Statue – Fully transformable Batmobile statue realised in exquisite detail by TriForce
  • RRP: Console (only) – AUD$249.95 (NZ Pricing TBC)

This the developer Rocksteady first truly next-generation Batman: Arkham series offering so unfortunately you won’t get your Batman fix until the new year, but it does leave you with plenty of time to save up for the ridiculously awesome Batmobile. With TriForce designing this detailed statue, you know its going to be something special.

Keep in mind that it will be exclusive to EB Games in Australia so you may want to throw some money down now and ask questions later.

According to Warner Bros., both of these limited editions will be available throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand so check with your local retailer for availability.

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Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers Review Tue, 02 Sep 2014 05:00:23 +0000 Magic: The Gathering returns for another year with the release of Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers. The previous iterations have built upon the past title, improving and adding new features to justify the annual release schedule, much like the trading card game with its constantly evolving meta game and diverse card line-up.


Developer: Stainless Games
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360 (Reviewed), iOS, Android
Players: Single, Multi-Player
Genre: Collectible Card Game
Release: July 9th 2014 (iPad), July 16th 2014 (Xbox 360, Android, Steam)

Unfortunately Magic 2015 is a backwards step, devoid of enhancements, substituted with micro-transactions and removal of standard features and previously available play modes. There’s little to be excited about this time round, a shame given the offerings of years gone by.

Magic 2015 essentially follows the same formula as its namesake, revolving around the much-loved, long running TCG. You play as a Planeswalker, a sorcerer with the ability to summon mythical creatures and beasts to do your bidding by ‘tapping’ mana from the various land types. Spells, land and creatures are represented by one of five coloured elements (sometimes a combination of elements), each adopting their own unique play style. The combination of potential deck building is endless and it’s up to you to create a desk worthy of overcoming your opponent.

M15 Duels - Steam 1

The creative freedom the Magic: The Gathering allows is part of its appeal, however TCG is big business and with each new year’s comes the introduction of new cards, effectively shaping the metagame and current state of play. The best cards always attract a premium price and Magic 2015 appears to have employed the same formula to the dismay of its fans.

Stainless Games produced magic (pun intended) with Magic 2014, answering the call of its player base with fully customisable deck building and the inclusion of new cards, art and battle modes to make it the best in the Duels of the Planeswalker series thus far. If the same formula were used with Magic 2015, I could say hands down it is the definitive Magic experience available outside of actually purchasing the cards themselves, but that isn’t the case this time around.

Content has been stripped back and questionable design decisions will leave fans wondering if what they purchased is the full experience, or a half-completed concoction.


The core gameplay mechanics remains largely untouched for the most part, and the deck building mode finally makes its appearance in-game. This alone opens up a potential world of different builds however the initial card pool is limited at best.

Campaign mode is further restricted with preset decks to work with, leaving you with little options or choice until you surmount enough usable cards to construct something else a little more powerful, and this is going to take some time to do.

Completing missions unlocks a handful of cards each time rather than a booster pack, and the selection of cards are further restricted to the plane you’re currently traversing in. Explore mode opens out random battles if you need to acquire more cards, but is grind heavy and not for everyone.


This is where the lines blur between a complete gaming experience and one laden with micro-transactions. Although you can amass a library of cards by slogging it out, the cards rewarded are subpar in some situations. If you want the easier route, you’ll have to spend some real world cash to unlock cards quicker, not to mention particular powerful cards are only available by spending even more money on your copy of Magic 2015.

One the few shining positives is the decently fleshed-out tutorial system that does a solid job on introducing the inner workings of Magic to any newbie player who’s never tapped a land in their life, but the praise pretty much starts and ends there.

Although the art work is gorgeous and pleasing to the eye, the user interface overshadows the experience with frustratingly slow loading times and unintuitive navigation. This can be attributed to Magic 2015 seemingly being designed for mobile and tablet devices over console, leaving home consoles gamers having to make do with what’s available.

M15 Duels - Steam 4

Previous game modes have magically disappeared as well, such as sealed decks, Puzzle mode and Planechase among many others. There doesn’t appear to be any justification for these removals, as it seems not much was added in its place. I can only assume the exclusion is an attempt by Wizards of the Coast to protect their physical card game property. If everything were available in a simulated gaming experience, why would you buy the cards in the first place?

Stainless Games have journeyed backwards with Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers. You’re much better off spending your cash on the actual cards, or sampling Magic 2014 which was generally a better overall experience. Perhaps the complaints of this iteration will be rectified in the next instalment for Magic 2016, at least one can only hope.


5.0 – Average. While it does nothing exceptionally bad, it does nothing exceptionally good either. It may be fun for a while but it will struggle to maintain any interest.

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Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL Console Back In-stock 9am AEST Tomorrow Tue, 02 Sep 2014 01:52:47 +0000 EB Games Australia will have the remaining stock of Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL consoles back in-stock from Wednesday morning at 9am.

This will only be available online and is the last chance you’ll have to secure this limited run console locally, at least at a decent RRP price.

With the announcement of the new 3DS and new 3DS XL, this is somewhat slightly less desirable however the new 3DS won’t be out here in Australia until 2015.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Console Goes on Sale at EB Games and Sells Out...Sorta

You may want to update your 3DS system in the meantime, or at least add this very cool colour scheme 3DS to your video game collection.

Be sure to have your clicking finger all warmed up and ready to go as it’s game on from 9am. DON’T MISS OUT!

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