Frequently Asked Questions

What does Esperino mean?
Esperino is a word created back during the GameCube era. While playing Animal Crossing on the GameCube, I was prompted to give my town a name. My favourite username at the time was esper, the magical summoned creatures from Final Fantasy VI (one of my favourite RPGs of all time).

Esper Alexander from Final Fantasy VI

Esperino sounded very much like a town name and from that point onwards the name just stuck with me. It’s kinda catchy too, don’t you think? Easy to remember. Just think – “ESPER”, “I NO”! 😛

Welcome to Esperino!


How come my comment/s didn’t appear straight away?
[UPDATE]: We’ve integrated Disqus into our comment system so you’ll be able to make comments via Facebook or Twitter login. If you already have an existing Disqus account, you can login and start making comments straight away! No more delays. Don’t have a Disqus account? Sign up to start communicating today.

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Who are you?
We’re more than one person, we’re gamers/collectors who like to share our video game experience with the community ^_^ It is our passion to expand beyond just a close group of friends and to share our knowledge with the gamer community that drives us, and so Esperino exists for that reason. 🙂

How come you haven’t reviewed [insert game name]?
We would love to and we’re bound to get to it at some stage. Unfortunately time is a restriction that hinders us from doing all the things we want to, when we want to. The staff here all lead a life outside of gaming and it would be unfair to have them devote all their time to Esperino. We’re a dedicated bunch and appreciate all suggestions for reviews and will do our best to get to them as soon as we can.

How come updates on Esperino aren’t always regular?
Unfortunately a lot of the staff that contribute to the site work day jobs and do news updates during their own free time. It’s a labour of love and we do it because we love all things video games. If you’d like to see more updates, please support us by spreading the word and sticking by us. We hope to grow bigger and better and with your support, we know we can get there. 🙂

I’d like to join the team at Esperino. What do I need to do to contribute to the site?
We’re always on the look out for talented individuals and those that have a passion for gaming. To learn more on what we have to offer and what kind of staff positions are available, check out our ‘WE WANT YOU!’ page for more details.