Lionhead Studios announce Fable Heroes for XBLA

In today’s sea of casual games and independent studios, a game that stems from a staff ‘Creative Day’ side project, and developed by a team of five doesn’t sounds like anything worth getting excited about. Yet when the developers in question are Lionhead Studios and the IP is that of Fable, it is worth doing a double take and checking out the goods. Cue “Fable Heroes” an little hack-and-slash game for XBLA that takes the Fable universe on a new adorable, though action-filled, adventure.

The game gives up to four players competitive co-op fun in the form of defeating enemies, collecting coins, competing in time trials and leaderboards. Similar to the tie-in of Fable II Pub Games, progress on this XBLA title rewards you in your next Fable life; leveling your character and unlocking unique items in Fable: The Journey, which launches later this year

Trying to explain this toy-filled title can leave one a bit confused; it sits somewhere between side-scrolling and action adventure, while comparisons may bring to mind Mario Party meets Sack Boy meets dungeons. Yet Fable Heroes might be best described as some simple, silly fun. Luckily Lionhead have kindly released a pile o’ screenshots and some gameplay footage to help you imagine the fun of tiny toy heroes fighting their way through a mini Albion.


Fable Heroes is reported to be released May 12th for XBLA.