Europe to Get Rerelease of Digital Devil Saga Series

Shin Megami Tensei fans have been saturated lately with rereleases of some of the series’ amazing games; the PSP ports of Persona 4: The Golden is on its way, Persona 2 and 3 are still high on the charts, Devil Survivor 2 is out on the DS and now Digital Devil Saga I & II are back for more action.

Released in 2005, the Digital Devil Saga featured a unique spin on the battle system with your human team turning into the demons ready to fight for you. Up until now these games have been relatively hard to come by (or at least pretty pricey) but fans of the series can now rejoice as their digital devils become downloadable.

UK publisher Ghostlight have announced on their blog that these Shin Megami Tensei titles will be heading to the PSN in the near future.

Unfortunately for international gamers there is no news on US or AUS releases of the games at this stage. Ghostlight will however be updating Australian fans next week with more details on the Persona 2 release on the PSN, so stay tuned for more Shin Megami goodness!