Epic Mickey – Mickey Figurine & Paint Brush Chuk – Preorder Bonus

Epic Mickey was released on November 25th, 2010 and had a relatively quiet reception since it coincided with the release of Gran Turismo 5. The game was generally well received largely in part to Warren Spector game design (System Shock, Deus Ex).

An Epic Mickey Collector’s Edition was available in the United States but Australians weren’t as fortunate and only received the Standard Edition.

Epic Mickey Collector's Edition
Epic Mickey Collector's Edition.


The good news is Epic Mickey did come with a couple of bonuses:

EB Games gave away a 5-inch Epic Mickey figurine as a pre-order bonus. Made from vinyl, it is the exact same figurine that came from the Epic Mickey Collector’s Edition.

Epic Mickey Figurine
Epic Mickey 5-inch Vinyl Figurine Pre-order Bonus from EB Games.


Well painted with attention to detail. Arms are movable and Mickey‘s shoes can also be turned to give him balance. The paint brush comes separate and slides into his hand.

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Epic Mickey Figurine 360° View. Hold down your left mouse button and drag over image to rotate.

I can’t imagine too many people pre-ordered this one as I was the only one that pre-ordered at my local EB Games. A very nice pre-order bonus that looks great on display.

If you didn’t like figurines, Big W had a fantastic deal where you could pick up a copy of Epic Mickey along with a PDP Epic Mickey Paintbrush Chuk for $78 AUD.

Epic Mickey Big W Bonus Paint Brush Chuk
Epic Mickey Big W Bonus Paint Brush Chuk.


Epic Mickey Paint Brush Chuk
Epic Mickey Paint Brush Chuk by PDP. Bonus From Big W.

Break free from the Mad Doctor’s clutches, set out in pursuit of the mysterious rabbit Oswald, and defeat the Evil Blot with the Epic Mickey Paintbrush, fully functional Chuk for the Nintendo Wii System. This iconic collectible is modeled after Mickey Mouse’s paintbrush in the game, and features a 3 foot cord, and a soft foam tip.

After the game’s released, word got around that Epic Mickey was actually pretty good so these Nunchuks were snapped up pretty quickly. I had to go to two Big W‘s to get ahold of one.

Unavailable for purchase locally here in Australia, this appears to be the only way to score one of these gorgeous PDP Nunchuks. Well designed and comfortable to hold, PDP did an amazing job of replicating the paint brush from the game.

  • Title: Epic Mickey
  • Developer: Junction Point Studios
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
  • Distributor: Buena Vista
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Genre(s): Platformer, Action-adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Release Date(s): (AUS) November 25 2010, (EU) November 25 2010, (NA) November 30 2010
  • Release Price: (AUS) $79.95