EB Expo 2012: Girls of EB Expo!

As with any gaming expo, video games and girls go hand in hand. Even the most anticipated titles on offer look far more desirable when positioned next to attractive ladies. Last year’s EB Expo certainly had its fair share of gorgeous women and this year was no exception.

No matter where you turned on the massive expo floor, it was pretty hard to miss them. With my trusty camera in hand, I snapped up as many photos as I could of the ladies that make EB Expo just that little bit more beautiful to be around.

Sennheiser girls were extra hard to miss this year for two reasons. The first being the colourful bright blue ensemble with Sennheiser headsets wrapped around their ears (of course), and the second, there were more than two sets of ladies at the respective booth.

EB Expo 2012 Sennheiser Booth BabesEB Expo 2012 Sennheiser Booth Babes

The Logitech girls were a hard group to snap. Unlike the other booth girls that stayed in the vicinity of their booth space, these women roamed the exhibition floor. My patience was rewarded when they finally ventured back in my direction. A polite question and the rest is history as they say:

EB Expo 2012 Logitech Booth Babes

Of all the major publishers, Sony had girls positioned at their booth handing out promotional flyers. Amongst the free material were 30-day trial access to PlayStation Plus. Sometimes it pays to take notice and wonder closer out of curiousity.

EB Expo 2012 Sony Booth Babes

This charming Square Enix lady was out and about promoting Final Fantasy XIV: Realms Reborn. If you were interested in signing up for the beta program, all you had to do was key in a few details on her iPad. Although she was quite bashful when I asked to take her photograph, she still happily accommodated my request.

EB Expo 2012 Square Enix Booth Babes

Razer took a more interactive approach this year as these girls danced with anyone with enough confidence to get up on the stage with them. A few attendees were up for the challenge and I witnessed many Gangnam Style attempts. Good fun and entertaining for all that stuck around to watch.

EB Expo 2012 Razer Booth Babes

This year’s EB Expo was all about audio. There were more gaming audio equipment on show. The selection and countless models made for music to the ears of many, but it was the friendly women at the stand that drew visitors to the booths. Below are the girls from Triton, PDP Afterglow, Gioteck and GameCom (from top to bottom, left to right):

EB Expo 2012 Triton Booth BabesEB Expo 2012 PDP Afterglow Booth Babes

EB Expo 2012 Gioteck Booth BabesEB Expo 2012 Gamecom Booth Babes

Thanks again this year to all the girls for being kind enough to pose for a moment as I took their photos. If you snapped any photos that I may have missed, please send them through. I’ll be sure to credit you for your contribution.