EB EXPO 2011: Booth Babes!

EB Expo 2011 wasn’t all just about video games. Yes, most of us went there to get up close and personal with our favourite upcoming releases, even hands-on if the opportunity allowed us.

Of course no expo can be called complete without the presences of booth babes. These seductive sirens of the gaming world drew the attention of just about all attendees throughout the sunny Gold Coast weekend.

If you weren’t able to attend EB Expo 2011, you’re in luck. With my trusty camera in hand I managed to snap a few shots of these lovely ladies (and gent) doing what they do best.

First up we have the crew from THQ’s Saints Row: The Third. Dressed to impress, they certainly did just that in more ways that one.

I know what you’re thinking, someone stands out in the photo more than the other two. Yes, its true… that handsome young man in the center did get photographed A LOT during the two day long expo. 😛 Unfortunately I missed snapping the other bikini-clad lady and the other lady Saint. 🙁

Namco Bandai enlisted the style and elegance of two young ladies for their presentation booth. Dressed in an all white one-piece number with matching white heels. What most visitors to the expo probably didn’t notice was the Namco Bandai logo on the front of their dress. It’s hard to spot when there were far more distracting things around to divert our attention.

Fairly popular with guests, I saw many a men taking souvenir photos with these fine ladies (I even help take a photo of the girls for another admirer, CLICK!).

Electronic Arts came prepared with a posse of girls on the weekend to promote particular titles at the event. These girls dressed in white and pink shorts were on-hand to drum up interest in FIFA 12. The girls weren’t dressed in quite the skimpy outfit as other booths, but with their hot pink short shorts and knee-highs, it was pretty hard not to take notice.

Keeping with the EA theme are the Battlefield 3 girls. Wearing war paint, black tank tops, EA army issue Battlefield 3 caps, dog tags and camo shorts, you’d have to have no pulse to not stand up and clock your head back as they passed by. Battlefield 3 was one of the most popular games at EB Expo with lines that extended beyond hour waits. These babes probably weren’t needed to get the FPS noticed, but I admire EA’s dedication and I ain’t complainin’ to them being there!

Need For Speed The Run has been making waves lately with its use of the Frostbite 2 engine, but EA made sure your heart was racing with these two gorgeous racing girls. They didn’t dress in matching outfits but checkered racing stripe sleeves and a bit of skin goes a long way.

High end peripheral manufacturer Razer was a hit at EB Expo with giveaways and playable hands-on time with their hottest accessories. These babes were on hand to welcome visitors and to make sure guests weren’t intimidated to get inside the Razer booth and try out their products.

Razer also gave away temporary Razer logo tattoos and these ladies were more than happy to help you apply the tattoo to wherever you wanted. Short black dress and fluro-green has got to be this Summer’s hottest look.

(My apologises for the dodgy shot with this one. I snapped it and got caught up in a conversation with a Razer rep that I forgot to check the quality of the photo. If you have a better photo of these two ladies, please send it my way and I’ll credit you.)

THQ didn’t spare any expense. Not only were The Saints at the expo, but these three babes in bikini bottoms and rolled up singlet tops looked to be out for a good time. Wearing the trademark purple from the Saints Row franchise and beach buckets loaded with promotional goodies, I wasn’t sure whether to stop and take a photo, ask for a freebie or just admire the view. I chose to go with the photo so you should thank me for taking the high road. 😉

There’s were loads of promotional staff during the expo and I’m sure I missed quite a few photo opportunities. If you have photos from the event that you’d like to share with others, please send them to me and I’d add them to the list (you’ll get credited as well, of course.)

Thanks goes to all the girls (and guy) for being gracious enough to let me take photos. I felt rather perverse taking photos of so many hot people but I swear my intentions were good. -_-