EA Are Bringing EA Access To PS4

It’s about time.

Electronic Arts announced today that they’ll finally be bringing their EA Access service to the PlayStation 4. The announcement comes almost 5 years after EA initially launched the service on the Xbox One. For a monthly fee, EA Access allows people to play EA’s vault, their back catalogue of games. This includes games from series’ like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Subscribers will also gain access to early access trials for EA’s new games. As it turns out, EA actually contacted Sony back in 2014 to ask whether they wanted to offer the service on the PS4, but they declined due to strong sales of PlayStation Plus subscriptions at the time. They also didn’t think that service was good value for players. With the success of EA Access since then, it seems that Sony have now changed their mind.

Although EA Access will be available on PS4, there’s one catch. Accounts can’t be shared across platforms, so those who own both Sony and Microsoft’s console will have to pay for access for each of their machines.

What do you think about EA Access finally coming to PS4? Would this be your first time using it, and are you interested? Let us know in the comments.