E3 2011: The King Of Fighters XIII Coming to North America This Holiday Season

Atlus have a treat for beat-em up fans announcing at E3 2011 the next installment, The King of Fighters XIII will be available in North America this holiday season.

The legendary fighting series makes its triumphant return in HD with a bolstered roster of 30 plus fighters.

Popular characters that were missing from KOFXII will be back including K’, Vice, Kula, Yuri, King and Mai because we all love her… fans. 🙂

E3 The King Of Fighters XIII
Characters are again hand-drawn with each character lovely animated.

Gameplay has been further enhanced over The King of Fighters XII for faster fights, more than half a dozen game modes available and what is described as a ‘less restricting perspective’ with more moves available.

Expect to see new supers and a new supercharged ‘NEOMAX’ super system along with other tweaks.

One of the major criticisms was the online mode in The King of Fighters XII, which clearly has been noted and improved for a smoother and more stable fighting experience.

Destined to hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles this holiday period. You can pre-order the game at selected retailers starting from now in North America, with the rest of the world to follow at a yet to be revealed date.

Be sure to check out the Official The King of Fighters XIII website here for all the latest news and info.