E3 2011: Tecmo Koei Announces Dynasty Warriors For PlayStation Vita

Tecmo Koei have announced Dynasty Warriors for PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation Vita version of the long-running smash hit series will feature familiar controls as previous Dynasty Warriors games, however will incorporate unique touch panel commands making full use of the touch screen, rear touch pad and gyro sensors of the PlayStation Vita.

Dynasty Warriors PlayStation Vita Screenshot
Players will be able to experience new and intuitive control while connecting via PlayStation Vita’s network communication making full use of its wireless connectivity. A new mode described as ‘One Vs Many’ which I guess pits you against many others is mentioned by Tecmo Koei as a new addition to what fans are dubbing ‘Dynasty Warriors Vita’.

Dynasty Warriors for the PlayStation Vita is still a working title with Tecmo Koei setting the release for Spring of 2012.

Check out the E3 2011 Trailer, Gameplay #1 and #2 below to see the new control system in action as well as a series of screenshots from the game. Loads of media to sink your teeth into!

[SOURCE]: Dynasty Warriors (working title)