E3 2011: StarFox 64 3D Features Detailed; Coming to US in September

Following off Mario Kart, Nintendo announced more details on the upcoming flight simulation of Fox McCloud in the StarFox 64 remake on Nintendo 3DS.

“In 1993, Nintendo created a video game that many said made them feel like they were flying in 3D. Now, StarFox is back, and with Nintendo 3DS the 3D is entirely real.” said Reggie Fils-Aimes on the announcement.

E3 StarFox 64 3D
Titled StarFox 64 3D, players hop into the pilot seat with a new control scheme to use.

Choose to play the conventional method with buttons at your disposal, or try out the new control where the Nintendo 3DS console becomes the controller.

Turn and tilt the system itself to navigate your fighter through the many missions on offer. Dive, Climb and turn effortlessly like never before.

E3 StarFox 64 3D
In group play mode, players will be able to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS front facing camera to capture facial images, expressions and voices in real life as you battle it out. Record all your friend’s reactions as you hunt them down, or tail you in tactical dogfights.

“Celebrating their kills or going down in flames, it’ll all be there for you to watch.” commented Reggie Fils-Aimes on the group play mode during his StarFox 64 3D presentation.

E3 StarFox 64 3D
StarFox 64 3D touches down in U.S. store this coming September.