E3 2011: EA To Published on Nintendo Wii U

What is turning out to be a Nintendo announcement fest, Nintendo revealed today Electronic Arts will be publishing games for their new Nintendo Wii U. The CEO of Electronic Art John Riccitiello took to the centre stage at the Nintendo Press Conference to confirm the news.

E3 EA Partnership with Nintendo on Wii U 01

The publishing partnership is welcome news for Nintendo fans as this is the first time in history that John Riccitiello has taken to the stage at an E3 event with Nintendo.

“What brings us together today is a breakthrough in our relationship based on a stunning breakthrough in game technology. What Nintendo’s new console delivers, speaks directly to the players of EA SPORTS and EA Games. Nintendo’s new console will produce brilliant high definition graphics and new gameplay opportunities.”

“We look forward to seeing great EA content on this new platform. Imagine playing football with an innovative new controller that takes all that data, all of that play calling off the big screen, leaving you with a sharper, more personal, more immersive HD experience. Imagine a shooter like Battlefield, with jaw-dropping graphics and smooth character animations with the Frostbite engine, bought to you on a Nintendo system with that breakthrough controller.”

“Now imagine those games with an open, online functionality that allows you to download new content, find matches and compete on leaderboards and participate in a global community. And finally, imagine these EA games on a console with content, gameplay and community that can be extended to mobile social networks, as well as the web.”

“Over the past months, we’ve been telling our employees and consumers that EA is undergoing a transformation. We’re changing games from a thing that you buy, to a place that you go. Nintendo’s next console is truly transformational as well. A better platform than we’ve ever been offered by Nintendo. Deeper online capability, and all of it driven by an unprecedented partnership between Nintendo and Electronic Arts. Thank you, we can’t wait to see EA games on this new system.”

This isn’t the first time EA has produced games for Nintendo but early signs point to a more deeper involvement in game development for the new Wii U platform.

E3 EA Partnership with Nintendo on Wii U
Wii U is taking Nintendo out of the ‘casual gamer’ tag group back into more adult-orientated content games while still retaining much of what made the Wii so fun and family friendly in the first place. Can Nintendo really pull it off? Have their cake and eat it too?