E3 2012: Tekken TAG Tournament 2 Confirmed For Nintendo Wii U

Making a name for itself as a fully fledged gaming console, Nintendo have announced Tekken TAG Tournament 2, the updated Namco Bandai hit beat-em up will be coming to next generation machine when it launches.

The Tekken series smashes its way to the Wii U with the largest roster of characters and modes to ever hit a Nintendo console. Based on the Tekken TAG Tournament 2 arcade engine, Tekken TAG Tournament 2 for Wii U features stunning graphics, an unparalleled fighting system, online multiplayer and robust customization options.

E3 2012: Tekken TAG Tournament 2 Heading to Wii U

Tekken TAG Tournament 2 for Wii U will also feature exciting exclusive content for the Wii U console giving the title its own unique flair that will appeal to both hardcore and casual fans of the fighting game genre.

Bear in mind Tekken TAG Tournament 2 is the tentative name for the Wii U port and could adopt a new name, or extension to the title closer to release. As with most new titles announced during E3, the scheduled launch is TBC, although geared towards a Nintendo Wii U launch period.