Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Pre-order Bonus DLC & Character Pouches


Tecmo Koei Europe latest iteration of Dynasty Warriors 7 goes up a notch with the release of Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires on PlayStation 3. Pre-order ahead of launch and you’ll also receive bonus DLC content, amongst other things.

Diao Chan and Zhao Yun gain access to a flashback costume from Dynasty Warriors 6 whereas Nobunaga Oda will receive a feline version costume. The cat version of Nobunaga is especially cute! DLC appears to only be available through EB Games in Australia at the moment. UK residents can pick up the DLC content exclusively through GAME.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Pre-order Bonus DLC & Character Pouches

In addition to the bonus DLC, pre-order in-store at EB Games and you’ll also score yourself one of four different character pouches featuring fan-favourite heroes from the series. The pouches vary from store to store so if you want a particular design, best to ask or shop around first.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Pre-order Bonus DLC & Character Pouches

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires’ combines thrilling battlefield action with strategic gameplay, giving each player the opportunity to influence the way history unfolds: gain fame in battle and rule their own nation as a ‘Ruler’, use strategy to seize power and invade neighbouring territories as a ‘Strategist’ or become a mercenary and sell their services around the land as a ‘Free Officer’. Through actions such as earning fame on the battlefield, protecting the people or looking to expand their own personal wealth and power, the choices made during the strategy and battle phases have an impact on the character’s position.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires launches February 22nd across Australia and Europe, exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

EB Gmes Australia – Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires with BONUS DLC 7 Character Pouch ($68 AUD RRP)

GAME UK – Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires with BONUS DLC (£39.99 RRP)

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