School of Phoenix Assemble! Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC 2nd Batch Details

Tecmo Koei have revealed the next batch of DLC for Dynasty Warriors 7. The 2nd batch of DLC features additional stages, weapons and costumes and will be available on the 24th of May. Hopefully the PlayStation Store will be back online by then. I’m interested in the stage pack and the original costume pack, does anything catch your interest?

Stage Pack 1 – $3.99, £3.19 (PSN) / 320 MSP (XBL)
Stage Pack 1 includes the ‘Yellow Turbans’ and ‘Hulao Gate’ stages which can be accessed in Conquest Mode. Each stage contains 3 scenarios remastered from Dynasty Warriors 2, for a total of 6 scenarios.

The ‘Yellow Turbans’ stage includes the ‘Yellow Turban Rebellion’, the ‘Fall of the Han’ and the ‘Test of Faith’ scenarios. The ‘Hulao Gate’ stage includes the ‘Battle of Hulao Gate’, the ‘Allied Invasion Resistance’ and the ‘Sishui Gate Defensive Battle’ scenarios.

Also included are eight BGM, featuring tracks from Dynasty Warriors 5 and Dynasty Warriors 6.

Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC

New Weapon Pack 2 – $1.99, £1.59 (PSN) / 160 MSP (XBL)
Two new weapons are included in this pack, the Short Pike and the Mace. The Short Pike is a nasty piece of work with the perfect balance of range and speed, allowing counterattacks. The Mace doesn’t hold back and delivers a powerful blow with a wide attack range.

Both weapons will be automatically added to your inventory. You can also create them at the weapon smith in town or earn more powerful variations by clearing each weapon scenario in the Conquest Mode.

Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC

Costume Pack 2 – $0.99, £0.79 (PSN) / 80 MSP (XBL)
This costume pack includes costumes from Dynasty Warriors 5 for all 46 characters who appeared in the game. If you would like a return to a more ‘traditional’ style, this is for you.

Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC

Original Costume Pack 1 – $4.99, £3.99 (PSN) / 400 MSP (XBL)
This cool costume pack includes the original ‘School of Phoenix” costumes for all 13 Wei officers including uniforms, suits, high school club outfits and more. The other kingdoms will be receiving uniforms as well but we all know that Wei is the best.

Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC

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