Digimon MMORPG: Open Beta

Hey do you remember Digimon? You know Digital Monsters, that cool show from the early 2000’s?
Well Joymax are making a Digimon game that covers all five seasons, and you know, it actually looks pretty cool.

The game, Digimon Masters Online, looks to be a free-roaming MMORPG that will satisfy both the avid Digimon fans and newcomers to the “Digital World.” And lucky for us, Joymax have just announced that they are skipping the closed beta and going straight for an Open one!


The open-world goodness of this Digi-adventure will apparently see you battling wild Digimon, taking part in PvP+Digimon, leveling aka evolving your ‘Mercenary’ Digimon, doing quests and what-not. The Digital World itself is going to have more than 5000 characters featured from across the series (presumably most of those are digimon) and is said to run faithful to both the art design and story.

The open beta will run from September 27  to October 11, 2011 (2 weeks) and participants will be given opportunities to win extra experience and in-game prizes.


To sign up, visit the Digimon Masters Online website, or check out their facebook and twitter for more information.