DICE Trains Sights on Cheating in Battlefield 3

Sick of cursing at the TV as some overpowered hot-shot snipes you from across the map with a pistol? Well Battlefield 3 players are being asked to stand up and fight against cheating by taking to the Battlelog and report instead of raging in silence. DICE have recently banned another several hundred players caught cheating and will be increasing their efforts to cut hacking, but they need your help.

From the Battlefield blog:

We have always taken cheating seriously. Starting today, we will further intensify our efforts to hunt down and rid Battlefield 3 of cheaters. Stats wiping and banning this disruptive minority is the only way they will understand that they are ruining the game for others. We do this for the millions of dedicated players out there who deserve a fair game, every game.

As you can no-doubt appreciate, a soldier owning is not necessarily a soldier cheating – but if you are convinced that someone is a traitor to the cause, it’s worth reporting.

Just say NOPE

If you do catch a player pulling the HAX, here’s what you have to do:

  • Head on over to the Battlefield 3 Battlelog and log in,
  • Use the “Find Soldier” search bar to find the culprit
  • Click the triangle in the top right hand corner of their name
  • Let DICE know exactly what went down and why you suspect shenanigans
    (linking to game Battle Report helps)
  • Then BAM – Dice will go to war on the perpetrator.

From here you can return to duty, safe in the knowledge that you have fought for your freedom.
If you want all the latest intel, head on over to the Battlefield blog, twitter or even facebook.

Soldier, your country game salutes you.