Diablo III free with World of Warcraft Annual Pass

Blizzard have announced the benefits of the new 12-month subscription commitment to World of Warcraft dubbed the “Annual Pass”. For signing up to the subscription, you’ll not only be given beta access to the next World of Warcraft Expansion but also an exclusive mount. But wait, that’s not all! For a limited time only (though we don’t know how limited) you will also be given Diablo 3 for free when it launches. Yep, Diablo III for free.

Although it’s not a free set of stake knives, the idea of getting your hands on Diablo III for free is pretty darn awesome, not to mention early access to Mists of Pandaria and the new in-game mount Tyriel’s Charger, which even has its basis in Diablo III!

Diablo III

If you subscribe while the Diablo III offer is running, you’ll be able to download and play the digital version of Diablo III as soon as it’s released. Plus even if you complete your one year subscription, or choose to cancel future subscriptions (as long as you finish your first commitment) you still get to keep and play Diablo III. It’s all yours!

But what if you are going to buy the Diablo III Collector’s Edition? Fear not, simply add the license key of your collector’s edition to the Battle.net account associated with the Annual Pass and you’ll get all the bonuses of your special edition, plus 4 months of WoW game time to be used towards your subscription.

Tyriel’s Charger

Inspired by Tyrael the Archangel of Justice from the Diablo series, Tyriel’s Charger can be used as either a ground or flying mount, and can add up to 310% speed while flying with Master Riding.

It will be available with Patch 4.3 and once activated applies to all present and future characters on the WoW account.

Mists of Panderia

The fourth expansion pack for the World of Warcraft, the Mists of Panderia introduce the new race of Pandarian, the Monk class, a level cap of 90, and many many more interesting things.

With the Annual Pass you are guaranteed a place in the beta tester for this expansion pack. We’ve got a full article on the Mists of Panderia expansion, so check that out for more information.

And lastly, as with everything, there are rules around this deal. Participants need to be 18 years of older, have a valid credit card (they don’t accept paypal payments) and have had a full version of World of Warcraft installed on the computer on or before October 18th.

For more information on the Annual Pass and this special offer, check out Blizzard’s FAQs or the Annual Pass Walkthrough. Or you can jump straight to signing up here.