Devil May Cry Coming to a Cinema Near You

Dante is set to make his big time debut in Hollywood. According to Capcom-Unity today, Screen Gem have secured the rights to producing a film adaptation of Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry Dante
Devil May Cry Protagonist, Dante

If the name Screen Gem sounds familiar to you, that’s because they were responsible for the highly successful Resident Evil movies.

Devil May Cry has already been released as an anime and a manga so its only logical that a live action film would be next.

Fans are torn between which Dante should feature in the film. The purists are hoping for a Dante that looks more akin to the first four games while others welcome the change to a more grungier Dante as seen in the reboot of series known as DmC (currently in development by Ninja Theory).

Dante as seen in the reboot, DmC.

There is no word yet on when the movie will be released but the script is currently in the works. Will the success of Devil May Cry translate over from video games to cinema? Only time will tell.

Source: Devil May Cry Going To Hollywood