Death descends upon the Arena in Darksiders II Crucible Mode

In continuing the theme of arena challenges and new game modes, with only two weeks until the release of Darksiders II news has surfaced of the brand new Crucible Mode, complete with a handy introduction video. This new addition to the Darksiders gameplay throws Death into the arena to battle past foes for some epic rewards.

Rich George, Executive Editor of IGN, runs through the features of the new mode in the exclusive gameplay video. Get a sneak peak at the enemies you will face, learn of the rewards you could reap and meet the Master of the arena, Kargon – the only man to make it through all 100 waves of the Crucible alive.

Check out the full video below to get ready for the arena.

Darksiders II will be descending upon Australia on August 16, 2012. If you’ve yet to plan for the impending apocalypse, check out the pricing lists for the best deals and editions around.


Source: AllGamesAlpha