Deadlight Fear the End Launch Trailer

Innovation in the zombie-killing field can generally be found stumbling forward at a pace much like the undead themselves, but Tequila Works have taken the classic theme and somehow transformed it into an impressive puzzle platformer. Now the ‘Fear the End’ launch trailer for the gorgeous-looking Deadlight has been released, and upon seeing it you will no doubt be eagerly awaiting the impending apocalypse.

In an apocalyptic world where existence is futile, a solitary man treks the American west coast. The year is 1986 and a mysterious disease has decimated mankind, transforming people into killer automatons. Survival is the measure of all in this original cinematic puzzle platformer.

Deadlight will be lurching onto XBLA on August 1, priced at 1200 MS Pounts. As an added bonus, the title is part of the Xbox LIVE Arcade Summer of Arcade, so if purchase it with any other two (or more) games in the pack and you’ll be reimbursed 400 Microsoft Points for showing your support.

For more information on the stylized side-scrolling zombie title check out their official website.

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