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Dead Space 2 – Dead Space Ignition & Isaac Suit Unlock – Preorder Bonus

The highly anticipated Dead Space 2 by Visceral Games came with a rather generous pre-order bonus. Included on the preorder bonus download card was not one, but two additional extras to add your Dead Space 2 experience.

Dead Space 2 EB Games Promotional Ad.
Dead Space 2 EB Games Promotional Ad.
Dead Space 2 GAME Australia Promotional Ad.
Dead Space 2 GAME Australia Promotional Ad.


The bonus were made to be given out prior to the game’s release and included a Dead Space Ignition download via XBOX Live or PlayStation Network.

Dead Space Ignition is a prologue story to Dead Space 2 featuring three arcade-style games to prepare you for Dead Space 2.

Upon completion of Dead Space Ignition, you were rewarded access to an ‘Isaac Suit‘ for use in Dead Space 2 when the game officially released.

Dead Space 2 'Isaac Suit' Unlock
'Isaac Suit' Unlock for use in Dead Space 2.


The Dead Space 2 preorder bonus was available from EB Games, GAME and JB Hi-Fi and was only available with the purchase of Dead Space 2 on either XBOX360 and PS3 (PC versions were excluded).

  • Developer: Visceral Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: Microsoft XBOX360, Sony PlayStation 3, PC (Preorder Bonus not compatible with PC)
  • Genre(s): Survival Horror, Third-Person Shooter
  • Release Date(s): (AUS) January 27 2011, (EU) January 28 2011, (NA) January 25 2011
  • Release Price: (AUS) From $89 RRP (Bonus came with purchase Dead Space 2 Standard, Limited and Collector’s Edition)