Dead Island: Riptide Survivor Edition Exclusive to EB Games Australia

Dead Island: Riptide Survivor Edition has been announced by EB Games in Australia, exclusive to the Aussie retailer.

Dead Island: Riptide Survivor Edition Exclusive to EB Games Australia

Included inside the Dead Island: Riptide Survivor Edition are the following contents:

  • Dead Island: Riptide game
  • World Exclusive survivor notebook
  • Exclusive Survivor Edition tin box
  • Exclusive Weapons Pack DLC
  • In-game character skins DLC

The downloadable weapon pack and in-game character skin DLC hasn’t been detailed at this stage. The survivor notebook is apparently a ‘World Exclusive’ which would suggest some sort of exclusive contents inside, possibly developmental work.

Although no steelbook is included in this edition, the Survivor Edition tin box looks to be an over-sized box to house all the contents and should be similar in dimension to the Dishonored Special Edition metal pak.

Priced at $88 AUD RRP for the console versions and $68 AUD RRP for the PC version makes it excellent value if you consider the average pricing for standard edition games nowadays fall on the $89.95 AUD price tag.

Dead Island: Riptide is available from April 23rd, 2013 in Australia. The Survivor Edition is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

EB Games Australia – Dead Island Riptide Survivor Edition (PS3, Xbox 360 – $88 AUD) (PC – $68 AUD)

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